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The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 2

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 15/11/2019
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Following our last post about the next generation of property management mobile app solutions, this article is the second instalment in the four-part series, and will focus on the features and capabilities of HiRUM’s Inspection App. This app for property inspections is designed to make it easier for property managers to undertake property inspections, reduce manual processes, save paper, and minimise human error. We continue to follow HaRRY, a multi-property manager who is finding that utilising the range of HiRUM’s Property Management Mobile App Solutions allows him to complete his daily to-do’s more efficiently, saving himself time and ultimately money.


For most property managers, the process of completing unit/property inspections hasn’t changed much over the years. It all starts with scheduling the inspection. Then, on the day of the inspection, you print out the standard 7-page RTA Form 1a Entry/Exit report, or just grab the closest notepad and scurry to the unit being inspected. As you walk through the unit, you have to scribble notes and take photos to properly document the overall condition of each room. Once you’re back in the office, you have to fill out the forms, complete the report and, if your property has permanent tenancies, send it out to the owner or tenant for completion and signature. Finally, you must submit the completed report to the RTA, add the document to your files, and then put the next inspection in your diary. This process is long and tedious, requires an excessive amount of paper to complete, and increases the possibility for human error. Imagine if you had an app for property inspections that takes you through each stage of the process and helps you document everything all in one place?

Luckily, whether you manage a permanent or short stay property, there is now a faster and more efficient way to complete inspections. Let’s see in the scenario below how HaRRY manages to complete an inspection using the HiRUM Inspection App.


It’s a busy Wednesday morning, and HaRRY has an entry inspection to complete for a unit at one of his properties. He recently downloaded HiRUM’s Inspection App and is eager to give it a try. Upon downloading the app, HaRRY was able to quickly add all inspections he currently has scheduled into the powerful calendar feature built right into the app. With the calendar feature, he will be able to easily manage and keep track of all routine or recurring inspections at each of his properties, all from one easy to access location using a mobile device.

HaRRY walks up to the unit and begins the inspection. Instead of flipping through the lengthy standard inspection form and filling out the relevant information for that specific unit, HaRRY is able to quickly create a custom checklist with the app that is unique to the unit, including specific rooms, asset types and details. Using the app, HaRRY will be able to create these checklists not only for each of the units across his multiple properties, but also for other common areas, including gardens, pool areas, gyms, and even carparks.

As HaRRY makes his way through the unit, he has the ability to quickly add both private and general notes to each item he inspects. For instance, while inspecting the dining room, he notices there are a few scuff marks and scratches on the wall. He adds a private note to remind himself to contact the maintenance staff and schedule a repair, and then adds a general note on the checklist to document the discovery for the tenant. HaRRY then takes a quick photo of the scuffs and scratches directly from the app using the ‘add a photo’ feature, in order to clearly and accurately show the damage in the final inspection report.

HaRRY is nearly finished with the inspection, but realises he accidentally listed a couple of issues in the wrong bathroom. Because of the clear and easy-to-navigate layout of the checklist, this small mistake is identified quickly, where it may have been overlooked on the traditional form. Not to worry though, as HaRRY can easily add, delete and modify checklist items during the inspection, ensuring that all the recorded information is precise and accurate before completing the inspection.

The inspection is now complete, and HaRRY is impressed with how quickly he breezed through the checklist. Now, before even leaving the unit, HaRRY is able to quickly and easily complete the report and send it out to the owner and new tenant. He also has the option to sync his reports to the Inspection Web Portal and see all the information on his desktop later on when he’s back in the office.

With the Inspection app, HaRRY is now able to schedule, customise, accurately document, add notes/photos and send reports of inspections for each of his properties, quickly and easily, all from one easy to access location. This is what the next generation property management mobile app looks like, and what property managers like HaRRY can enjoy today – efficient, organised and effective mobile solutions for your property management needs.


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