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5 Marketing Strategies to Help Your Property Stand Out from The Crowd

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 03/06/2020

There has been much talk about an overarching property marketing strategy your business should be implementing at the moment, but what are some specific things that you can use now and beyond to strategically market your property better than the rest? Here are 5 marketing tactics to help your property stand out from the crowd.

Know your target audience and be strategic

This seems simple, but your property and its location have a varying range of audience demographics and psychographics and should be marketed to very differently. Before promoting certain packages, offers or just your property in general, keep in mind who you are really wanting to make the purchase. Are you wanting to fill short stay holiday spots? Are you wanting to break into the 20-somethings market? Maybe you are trying to get more corporate stays. Whatever it may be, having a clear understanding of your target audience will help determine your language, your platform, when you promote it, and how you engage.

Influencer marketing

This can scare away lots of accommodation providers, and might not be for everyone, however when done with the right influencer for the right audience, this is one property marketing strategy that can do wonders for brand awareness! The benefits of influencer marketing can be seen widely across online platforms. Influencers in their field have become trusted ambassadors for experiences, products and services and can bridge trust between your business and their many, loyal followers.

If this is something you have been cautious of in the past but might be open to it, spending time on research is key. Who are you targeting? Who is influential in that market (and authentic)? What can you offer them in an exchange for the level of exposure you desire? How much exposure do they get across each platform (website, Instagram, Twitter YouTube etc.)?  Communication is key with this, and it is so important for both parties to be on the same page when it comes to the value of content in exchange for goods and services.

Repeat guest case study

Guests that come to your property every year for a vacation or special occasion are extremely valuable to your business. If you have a guest that frequents your property, that’s a great opportunity to reach out and create a case study to showcase the entire stay experience to your audience. Case studies are flexible content that can be repurposed into multiple formats of content across various channels. There’s no harm in putting in a little work to get multi-purpose content with longevity!


When booking a getaway, guests are attracted to a point of difference or something that makes that property unique. It may just be the “thing” that wins you the booking over your neighbour. Have a dig and check out what your competition has to offer their guests. Depending on what your brand is, it could be as simple as an exotic Instagram-able cocktail at the bar, or a beautiful backdrop by the pool. Your unique selling point could be as simple or flamboyant as your budget and time allow, but we suggest getting creative to see what is within reason that might add a “wow” factor for the guest experience.

Out of the box platforms

Instagram and Facebook are the key sources these days to get a taste of what it’s like to visit your property through visuals, but why not take it one step further and incorporate the sense of sound? Create a Spotify playlist that represents your property and location to help guests get a vibe of what it’s like where you are. This could be something that you tweak every month and use it as content to promote across all platforms, or simply review seasonally. It’s a great way to get guests excited for their stay, and create brand awareness on another platform.


When you consider your property marketing strategy remember that there are a great many tools and tactics that can help you increase the profile of your business. Whatever the type of property that you manage, whether it’s a hotel, motel, B&B or holiday rental, HiRUM’s Marketing Reach service is available to help all accommodation owners effectively market themselves online. Get in touch to find out how we can help your property marketing, email sales@hirum.com.au or call (07) 5574 4990.


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