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SECURITY and BACKUP of your Hirum Property Management System

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -10/01/2014

Have you recently considered the SECURITY and BACKUP of your HiRUM Property Management System Data and Documents?

On the Backup front:

Are you complying with Trust Account Auditing requirements for an out-of-office backup of HiRUM?

If HiRUM support were required to restore backed up data from a couple of days ago, do you have that particular backup copy?

Are you sure you’re backing up to a device external to your computer (USB drive or offsite)?

How reliable are those backups? Does anyone check them? 

If all your computer information (HiRUM, Documents, accounts, etc.) became unusable because of an irreversible data encryption virus or an electrical storm, could you continue in business from backed up information?

On the Security front:

Do you have a paid version of some antivirus software or are you relying on a ‘freebie’?

How sure are you that your Guests are unable to access your documents and HiRUM from over the Guest Internet connection?

How accessible are your documents and HiRUM Property Management System to unauthorised people from over the Internet?

If you’re unsure as to the answer to any of these questions or would like someone to audit your computer system contact Leon from Hannabell to discuss your computer and network concerns. He can provide an independent second opinion as well as secure Offsite Backup services, working with (not replacing) your current IT service provider, to ensure your decisions are based on best practice information.


Leon Cavalli of Hannabell has been providing information system support for resorts and small businesses   since 1999. Our specialty has been in following and adapting to the continually changing technology and working with HiRUM Property Management Systems to ensure Resort Managers receive the right information and support to make the best use of current technologies, avoiding those not (yet) compatible. Other areas of expertise include:

       Micro cloud information system and network design

       Small / Medium Enterprise (SME) Offsite Backup solutions

       SME server and network design and implementation

       SME specialised database design

       Specialist strategic information systems business consultancy

Hannabell For property management software security


      Leon Cavalli    E-MBA (USC), B-ICT (USC continuing)

         Email: support@hannabell.com.au

         Phone: 07 5491 4534

         Mobile: 0412 198055

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