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Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 09/06/2016

Our Support Team have been listening to your feedback and appreciate all of your comments.


Extended Support Hours with Service Desk
We are pleased to announce extended operation hours for Support. The team will begin answering your queries lodged in Service Desk from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday – Friday.

We are introducing new initiatives to increase the efficiency of our in-house Support Team. To help us deliver exceptional service and promptly address all inquiries, please ensure you always request our assistance using the HiRUM & HiSITE Service Desk.


Easily Submit Your Support Requests with Service Desk

This is just a friendly reminder to submit all of your HiRUM & HiSITE Support requests through our online Service Desk.

We are dedicated to providing a better customer experience and have found that all Support requests have a much faster response time when using Service Desk.

When needing assistance, Service Desk will suggest relevant Help Sheets and videos that may be suited to your query. If there are no suitable suggestions, then a request for assistance can be submitted.

Each property has one account name and email address within our system, Service Desk will keep track of all jobs (Current, Pending, Cancelled or Resolved).

You can also email help@hirum.com.au and a Support request will automatically be created in Service Desk.

If you are not sure on your Service Desk log in credentials, please email info@hirum.com.au.


Here’s a step by step guide on how to use Service Desk:


1. Enter in your Property Name and create a password


2. To log a job, simply click on either General HiRUM Support or General HiSITE Support


3. Insert your information:

Your Name: This allows our support staff to know who they are talking to
What can we help you with: Just a brief description of your query?
Description: In depth what it is you are requiring assistance with
Attachment: If you need help with a report, guest statement, statement etc., please attach a copy of the file. This will assist support with your query and provide an even better turnaround time.
When you start to type in your query, a pop up box will appear with suggested help sheets.


Select “create” when ready.

4. Once you log a job, you will see that your job is now “Waiting for Support”


5. When support have replied, it will change to “Waiting for Customer”, you will also get an email to your main inbox to advise Support have replied.


6. Should you need to, you can then reply back to support through the Service Desk



At the top on the far right of the screen you will see the tab “My Requests”


If you click on this tab, you will be able to search “All” or “Open Jobs” that your property has logged.


If during the course of a pending request, you need to log a separate request, you will need to go to the home page of HiRUM Service Desk by clicking on our logo in the top left hand corner of your screen, followed by clicking on the HiRUM Service Desk link.

Ready to get started?
Visit the HiRUM Service Desk!


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