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Make rooms in HiSITE available for online bookings

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 09/02/2016

This weeks Tip of the Week will assist if you wish to make the rooms in HiSITE Channel Manager available for online bookings

The ability to have your HiRUM rooms or units directly linked to online bookings is a fantastic tool offered by HiRUM and HiSITE. It is as easy as following these steps:

In HiRUM select the Units icon. Select the unit that you would like to make available for online bookings and click on to the change button. From here the unit details will be displayed. The unit number and address details are displayed on the left and to the right you will find an option asking Used for Online Bookings? If you wish to make this room or unit available to HiSITE then simply tick this option and then click on to the okay button. This will make the unit class ‘green’ on the unit list.

When you tick or untick a room for online bookings it doesn’t instantly update your HiSITE. You will need to use the ‘Export Availabilities’ facility in HiRUM to do this. Click on to the Utilities icon, and then select the icon HiRUM Online Reservations icon on the right hand side, Then click on to the ‘Export Availabilities’ button and after about a minute the availabilities will be updated in HiSITE.

Please note that for rooms that are already green from within HiRUM, availabilities are automatically exported to HiSITE every time there is a change in HiRUM.

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Please submit a support request via our Service Desk if you continue experiencing difficulties.


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