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Travel Insights From Expedia

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 23/08/2022
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It is wonderful to see that, even with industry challenges such as rising inflation and staff shortages, global travel trends remain on the rise.  

People are continuing to find opportunities to travel.  The opening of international borders means long-haul travel is back, and for many Australian travel destinations, this is VERY good news.

For those with a head for statistics Expedia has compiled an excellent report with extensive travel trends data relating to global search trends, search windows, long-haul travel demand, hotel and holiday rental performance and the growing interest in inclusive and sustainable travel.

Please bear in mind that, as an American company, the US is the ‘Domestic market’ outlined in this data.  However, much of it has a global bearing and is well worth taking into consideration.


Research Results

In a snapshot, the following results are evident;

  • Travel searches, both domestic and global, are holding steady at good volume.  The Asia Pacific Region (APAC) saw strong double-digit growth between the first and second quarters of this year.  This is great news for the Australian market.
  • Search windows are on average shorter. Searches in the 0-90 day window before prospective travel increased globally by more than 5%.  The 61-90 day window showed the largest lift at 15%.  This is valuable information to consider when looking at your forward bookings and planning your marketing.
  • Demand is remaining strong despite the impacts of inflation and rising costs. Second quarter bookings were at the highest level in Expedia history.
  • Inclusive travel has a strong focus.  Many consumers would choose a destination lodging that they considered was more inclusive of all types of travelers, even if it’s more expensive.
  • In the Vacation Rental category, Australia remained the top booked country in its region, consistent with its ranking in the first quarter.


Research shows that 76% of consumers plan to travel in the next 12 months.  With respect to Gen Z and Millennials, these figures jump to between 81 and 84%.  

With borders opened and confidence to travel further afield returning, the opportunities for business growth are clear. Understanding these travel trends and targeting your marketing accordingly will make the most of these opportunities and ensure the best impact on your profitability.

To download and access the full Expedia travel report, please click here.


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