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TripConnect Instant Booking Metasearch

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 19/10/2015

The largest, most trusted consumer review site now offers the opportunity for their clients reviewing your property to instantly book direct with you.

Research confirms that the vast majority of travellers turn to reviews before finalising their choice of hotel. What easier way to help your potential guest by allowing them to click through to book directly with you from their review page. In simple terms, TripConnect becomes an extension of your own website booking engine.

This resolves the following problems identified by recent market research

Travellers want to book easily – one button resolves this

Travellers want to book instantly – The direct link to your booking engine resolves this also

Hotels want to own the relationship from the get go – Resolved as the client books with you direct not an OTA

Hotels want to collect the payment and not wait for the funds 30 days later, or pay unnecessary virtual credit card commissions – Resolved as the client pays you direct

Hotels need to know upfront their total cost of distribution – Resolved as you only pay the relevant fee once the guest has stayed and paid.

Therefore TripConnect appears to be a perfect low cost opportunity for you to gain direct to property business on your terms and conditions.


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  1. Wendy

    We do not have a connection with Trip Advisor – so if we choose this channel, I assume we will pay them a commission plus Hirum for bookings made from our own site – is my understanding correct??

  2. Nik Kiddle

    What is Tripconnect’s commission? 15%? If so, why give this up to Tripadvisor when we already pay a premium for a business listing?

    • Melisa Mehic

      HIRUM recently made the connection with Trip Connect, we believe this Channel will be a major player in the future and many of our clients have requested.

      We do not set the commission rates that is something you would need to negotiate directly with TripAdvisor, it is our understanding that there is different commission levels on offer and you do not need to have a business listing to connect.

      I suggest you contact your Account Manager direct to discuss.

      Thank you