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URGENT ALERT: Fraudulent email imitating HiRUM and Travelgate

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 28/06/2015

Please be aware that you may have received a fraudulent email, appearing to be sent from travelgate.com.au or hirum.com.au titled “Internal ONLY” or “Incoming Fax” with a zip attachment. These are phishing emails attempting to compromise your computer system. The majority of computers will have an antivirus program installed, and Microsoft provides “Windows Defender” by default, so if you received this fraudulent email it would have most probably been quarantined and any attempt to open the contents or attachment would have been blocked.

HiRUM Software Solutions has never sent automated emails with these subject lines or attached zip files to our communications, and will never do so! If you receive an irregular email from any HiRUM domain please delete it instantly. This same rule applies to suspicious emails you may receive about bank account details. Be on guard, and if you are not sure just delete it.


Scam emails and online attacks are topics we frequently discuss on our blog. If you wish to learn more about these types of attacks please refer to the following articles prepared by our team:

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