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Why you should use Google+ to promote your property

Posted by Carly Crossley - 29/06/2015

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat – so many social networks, so little time! Properties need to think strategically when selecting which social platforms are best suited to your business.

Forbes recently reported on the benefits of Google+ for SEO and marketing purposes and explained how to increase your followers. Here’s why you should promote your property with Google+:

You can do so much when you promote your property with Google+

Unlike Facebook business pages where you are limited to commenting only on other pages, or a LinkedIn company page where you can’t do much outside of your own page, you can do a lot using Google+ as your business page. You can comment on any Google+ posts shared publicly by personal profiles or business pages. You can also join and participate in Google+ communities, create events and start Google+ hangouts. All of these activities help you get more exposure for your business and grow your Google+ business page followers.

Keep your information up-to-date with Google – your guests will thank you for it

Too often do businesses change their opening hours, website address, or contact details and then wonder why Google continues to display the outdated information. If you simply cannot wait, all of this information can be changed within Google+ at your leisure.

Your posts will be seen by followers outside of Google+ too

If someone follows your Google+ page, they are also more likely to see your posts in Google search results. The average business would find it difficult to get their business onto the first page of results for popular search terms. Relevant posts from Google+ people and pages you follow are the exception; they are shown right alongside the top search results.

Google will reward you for it!

Ever wonder why some businesses have a large summary box in Google search results containing photos, reviews and contact details, while others just receive a standard text link? Google+ is often the reason behind this. All of this extra information is sourced and verified from your Google+ business listing.


If you haven’t yet included Google+ in your social media strategy, these are just a few of the many reasons why Google+ is important in promoting your property!

Check out HiRUM’s business page to see what’s happening on Google+ and join the conversation!


Carly is the Social Media Coordinator at HiRUM Software Solutions.
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