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Women In Tourism Breakfast

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -12/09/2013

What a wonderful start to a Friday morning! Last Friday we were lucky enough to attend the Women In Tourism September Breakfast Meeting at the beautiful Mercure Hotel on the Gold Coast.

Despite the early start, it was a stunning morning with the sun shining and the hot air balloons out for their morning flights. The Gold Coast certainly knows how to switch on the weather.

The Mercure did themselves proud; the room looked beautiful, breakfast was delicious and the company was an interesting and informative group of people. It was a wonderful opportunity to network with others in the Tourism Industry.

Of course, everyone was also there to hear the guest speaker of the morning. Her name  is Annabel Candy, and she is a prolific blog writer.  She is the creator of the popular travel blog -“Get In The Hot Spot – Advanced Adventures For The body And Soul”. “Blogging” seems to be the catchphrase of the moment, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Like most people, you are probably left in a haze as to whether you should have a blog on your website or separate to your website, and whether you should be writing once a month, once a week or once a day!!   Annabel’s great presentation set about unravelling the confusion between a blog and a website, and helped everyone work out how to get started effectively.

She also talked about “Reputation Marketing”. Research clearly shows that in the current market place people are slammed with marketing on every level. The public is giving much greater weight to reviews and citations from real, unbiased people, than they are to the various marketing ploys they are inundated with on a daily basis.  Likewise, Google, in trying to make its ranking system as valid as possible, is also placing greater emphasis on citations and reviews on unbiased forums.  This is the “social proof” of an organisation’s worth.  “Reputation Marketing” seeks to help you make the most of these reviews, whilst keeping them authentic. Very interesting stuff…. and there is clearly a whole new field opening up in the online marketing world.  Lots of opportunities here, whether your business is accommodation, or you are an industry supplier, or a PMS Software provider like HiRUM!

Not sure what the theme of next month’s Women In Tourism breakfast will be …… but if Friday was anything to go by, it will be worth joining up and joining in!



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