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Women In Tourism Breakfast – Layne Beachley

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 12/03/2014

We were treated to another fantastic Women In Tourism Breakfast (WIT) at the beautiful Sheraton Mirage last Friday morning.

If you are looking for a great networking organisation; an opportunity to make new friends and meet like-minded people and fellow tourism industry colleagues then look no further. Women in Tourism is it!

We all know the importance of good networking and how vital it is to support others in the business and leisure tourism market. We can highly recommend Women In Tourism to our Property management system users…they even have a couple of men attend!  WIT listen to member’s needs and wants and bring relevant developments and issues into the spotlight. They are serious about the things that matter and affect our industry. But they are also fun to be part of! If you would like more information, have a look at http://www.womenintourism.org.au/  

Shirley and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning at Sheraton Mirage. With such a beautiful venue, and a huge turn-out of around 180 people, it goes without saying that both the food and company were fantastic.

We were then treated to an inspirational presentation from Layne Beachley, 7-time World Female Surfing Champion. As an Aussie girl, growing up in Sydney, Layne had some wonderful insights into competing in a male dominated world. She laid out her pathway to success for us all to think about. Clearly, her level of determination and dedication was nothing short of inspirational to achieve such incredible results, but her advice to help us all succeed really was practical, sensible and within reach of all of us.


She asked us to think about what gets us out of bed in the morning….and she didn’t mean the alarm clock, or the demands of the family or business. She wanted us to work out what motivates us, what we love in life and what we want out of life. Interestingly, that is something that gets lost in the daily grind, and isn’t necessarily an easy question to answer.

When you know what you want, think about who or what inspires you, and your degree of determination to get there. She then offered this advice (plus much more!);

 Get out of your own way
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • Your beliefs determine your outcomes
  • Don’t self-sabotage!
  • Be conscious of how you think and take control of it – Think “I am [good enough, smart enough, strong enough etc]”
  • When you love what you do, you will shine
Support Each Other
  • Give back to each other
  • Network
  • Don’t be judgemental of other women – be supportive
  • Learn to say “thank you” and acknowledge your achievements and strengths
  • Build yourself up as like attracts like
Pave the way for other women

Know your values and stay true to them, as they will help you make the right decisions. Don’t be afraid to fail. Surfing gave Layne the opportunity to fail over and over again, and learn from those experiences. As a child this is how we learn – we fail over and over and keep getting up and trying again. As an adult we become conditioned by fear – fear of pain, fear of consequence, fear of looking stupid – and we stop trying. Don’t let this happen to you.

Thank you Women In Tourism, for a great morning…. We look forward to the next one!


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