Protecting our customers’ and their guest data
is our top priority.

HiRUM is independently certified as being PCI DSS Compliant

What is PCI DSS Compliance?
PCI DSS is short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a global set of requirements designed to assist with the prevention of payment card fraud. All companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information should adhere to these security standards to protect cardholder data.
HiRUM is dedicated to protecting our client’s data and for this reason we have undertaken the thorough process of being independently certified by a QSA/Qualified Assessor to achieve compliance with PCI DSS. This has been achieved by meeting various strict measures to prove that HiRUM is enforcing the data security of the companies it conducts business with.

How HiRUM’s PCI DSS Certification Benefits You:

  • Prevent Data Breaches and reduce risk of security incidents
  • Confidence that booking data is stored securely by HiRUM, in accordance with certified best practice
  • Greater protection from fraud, hacking and other significant threats to account data in online booking transactions
  • Avoid Fines and penalties. Under the PCI DSS, fines are imposed on the acquiring bank, which are usually passed on to the organisation in question
  • Your guest can book directly with confidence knowing their card data is 100% secure.
  • Many suppliers like OTAs and 3rd parties are part of a Global platform, so HiRUM ensures your data is protected no matter the cost.

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