HiRUM Portal

This HiRUM Portal allows you to manage all your HiRUM products anywhere, anytime, in one place.

Every property deserves a solution tailor-made for them.

Manage your property through one powerful platform, giving you access to all your software tools in one handy place. Streamlining your business will help to maximise revenue and enhance the guest experience.


The HiRUM dashboard delivers a simple, time-saving solution for the day to day running of your property. See upcoming arrivals and departures, in house guests, average daily rate and RevPAR, all on one handy dashboard.


Our analytics dashboard provides your property with a central place to access data, giving you control and the foresight to optimise your pricing and distribution. Work smarter, not harder, access your real-time data and make insightful decisions to help your business dominate in your local market.

Front Desk

HiRUM Front Desk is designed to give you the ability to manage your critical business information when you need it, from anywhere. With full guest accounting, front & back-office tools, reporting for guests and managers, as well as maintenance and marketing capabilities, HiRUM Front Desk is your comprehensive reservation management solution.

Channel Manager

Connecting the world of online
bookings to your property. HiSITE Channel Manager will manage your online room or property distribution in real-time to all leading Online Travel Agents(OTA’s), Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Metasearch Channels.

Owners Portal

HiRUM Owners Portal, automatically manage owner statements and stays. Once End of Month has been completed, your owner financial statements are automatically uploaded to the portal. Property owners can log in and view their statements online anytime. They no longer need to contact you directly to provide this information – everything they need is readily available, even outside of business hours.

HiRUM Cloud

HiRUm’s Private Cloud eliminates all the uncertainty, whilst simultaneously providing you with the flexibility, cost-saving, and highest level of security. Cloud is simply a term used to indicate that the software you use lives somewhere other than a computer in your office. Essentially it lives on someone else’s computer, in a Data Centre, somewhere in the world.


HiRUM Inspection dashboard is designed to make it easier for you to undertake your property inspections, reducing manual processes and human error. Complete all your RTA Inspections on your mobile device or tablet. Save each report to HiRUM Front Desk or distribute to your owners. Create an inspection template for units with the same layout.


HiRUM Maintenance dashboard is designed to provide property managers with an easy-to-use solution for scheduling, managing and recording all maintenance related jobs throughout the property/properties. Ensure your property is always in top condition, create maintenance jobs based on housekeeping notifications and inspection reports. View your maintenance jobs as a simple to-do list.


Our Housekeeping dashboard will automatically generate your daily housekeeping roster based on highly detailed information. Our system supports teams of staff members or individuals and will compile a cleaning schedule accordingly. The Housekeeping module can provide a live overview of progress throughout the day, so you are always informed of the status of your rooms.

Responsive Design

No matter what device you are using or where you are. Whether it be a phone, tablet or computer, our fully responsive design will automatically adjust to suit the required size for ease of use.

OTA’s are essential for any property that wants to be noticed by travellers locally and from around the world. OTA sites allow your hotel, resort, motel or vacation rental property to reach a wider audience.

HiRUM Channel Manager connects you to the world’s leading OTA’s, ensuring your property’s visibility, maximising occupancy and growing your revenue when you connect to the world of online distribution channels.