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Google Hotel Ads, formerly known as Google Hotel Finder, is an exciting initiative created by Google to improve not only the travel consumer’s booking experience but to help hotels increase their business by featuring prominently on the world’s largest online market.

Google Hotel Ads allows you to showcase your hotel in local search results on Google.com and in Google Maps, across all mobile and desktop devices. Travellers will see your listing when they are actively looking for accommodation in your area.

In addition, it offers the opportunity for travellers to book directly with you, bypassing the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), allowing you to capture more direct bookings on your own website.

Google has partnered with a select network of integration partners only to connect hotels to this service. HiRUM is proud to be one of these and can provide Google Hotel Ads setup for your property.

Why should your property be listed on Google Hotels?

Google Hotel Ads showcases your property in the listings when consumers are searching hotels in a specified area. Google being the main search engine for information and research of consumers, it’s a great platform to put your business on the map.

Google Hotel Ads is Google’s solution to improve travel search. Google Hotel Ad listings are displayed above standard search results. Google “Surfers Paradise accommodation” and you will find a Google Hotel Ads square search box at the top of the list. It is imperative that your hotel has a prominent listing in order to stand out in local searches.

Another major benefit is that bookings are direct to you, with customer information to be retained by you at the time of booking, allowing you to control your deposit and cancellation policies, and also create opportunities to pre-sell tours and contact guests prior to check-in.

Your property can also create Google Hotel Ad Campaigns to list higher than other properties in the area within the Google Hotel Ads Listings (HiRUM does not provide Ad Campaign services).

How HiRUM can help

As a select Google Integration partner we can provide Google Hotel Ads setup and connect you to this exciting service, as well as manage the ongoing connection for you. Check out our great tips on how to set up Google hotels ads, too. This is just one of the great hotel marketing services we can support you with.

Contact HiRUM and get your property listed on Google Hotels today!

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