HiRUM Marketing Services

HiRUM’s Marketing Service takes your hotel marketing and accommodation marketing to the next level!

Property Managers often mention they don’t have the time or expertise to adequately promote their property.

We listen to our clients. That’s why the HiRUM Marketing team got together to pool their extensive expertise and developed our Marketing Services offering.

Through our Marketing Services we can help you:

  1. Increase your visibility in search engine results
  2. Attract more people to your website, increasing direct bookings
  3. Drive traveler engagement with your property
  4. Optimise your reputation online

What does HIRUM’s Marketing Services include:

1. Set-up and management of your Google My Business listing:

A Google My Business listing is important to ensure your property displays correctly and frequently in Google Search results, Google Maps and Google+ across all devices.

2. Management of your Google reviews:

According to market research, 84% of travellers will not book accommodation at a property until they have read reviews from past guests, so it is critical to manage and respond to these in an appropriate and timely manner.
At HiRUM we monitor these reviews for you and respond appropriately, ensuring your public reputation is optimised.

3. We keep your Facebook and Google+ profiles active and engaging:

To generate engagement with your target audience and increase visitors to your website, it is important to post your latest offers/deals, and information on upcoming events in your local area on your social media profiles.
At HiRUM we are able to do this for you, so you can focus on other business-critical activities.

4. Regular reports on your hotel marketing performance:

Our quarterly reports provide you with the latest analytics on your HiRUM Marketing activities to help you understand how you are performing and identify any relevant trends regarding your hotel’s traffic.


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