How to use your New HiRUM website

Your new website from HiRUM uses the WordPress Customer Management System(CMS) to manage your web pages. WordPress is designed so you can edit you own website without having to pay a website developer to make small changes for you. We will discuss how you can make changes to the different parts of your website.

Logging into your website

To start editing your website you first need to log into the WordPress dashboard. Go to your website address and add /wp-admin to the end of the URL. For example: www.website.com.au/wp-admin.Use your Username and Password provided by HiRUM to log into your website.
log into WordPress

You will be redirected to the website dashboard with the main menu on the left. You will use the menu to navigate around the different parts you can change on the website.

Wordpress side menu

The posts menu item is where you can edit the blog posts.

Media is where all the website images are stored and where you can upload or delete image.

Pages houses all of the pages on the website, go into pages to find the page you want to edit.

Comments shows all of the comments your blog has, and lets you filter out the spam comments.

Contact is where your contact forms are created, you probably wont need to go in here.


Navigating to a page to edit

Most of what you will want to edit on the website can be edited by going into the page and editing the content. There are two ways to get to the content you would like to edit.

First Option

edit pages

Use the menu on the left to navigate to ‘All Pages’. This will give you a list of every page on the website.


Scroll down the page until you find the page you would like to edit and click the ‘Edit’ link. This will take you to the edit screen for the page.

 Second Option

Another way to get to the text editor is to actually go to the page you would like to edit in your browser. In this case www.website.com/blog. If you are logged in you will see a black bar at the top of the website. When you are on the page you would like to edit click on the ‘Edit Page’ link in the black bar. This takes you straight to the Text Editor rather than having to find the correct page in a list.


Editing the content on a page

Editing a page on your website is as easy as editing a document in Microsoft Word. Start by making sure you are viewing the Visual version of the page not the Text view. The Visual view shows you what the page will actually look like. The only time you will need to use the text view is if you are pasting HTML into the page, for example pasting the Youtube video embed code.


Click the kitchen sink icon to bring up a second line of tools.


From this toolbar you can Bold, italicize, align and format the content on your page. Highlight the text you would like to change then use the tool to format it as required.

To create a link use the chain icon  link  while the text you would like to link is highlighted. In the URL field either enter the address you would like to link to or select a page/post from the list of content currently on your website. If you would like the link to open in a new window tick ‘Open link in a new window/tab‘. If you would like to remove a link, simply highlight the text and click the unlink button   unlink .

Once you’ve completed the changes click the update button on the right of the page for the updates to take effect.



Uploading images to the page

To add an image to a page stay in the text editor. Above the toolbar is a button called ‘Add Media’, this is where you upload images to a page/post.


Click the button


You can either drag images from your computer onto this page or click the ‘Select Files’ button and browse the the images you would like to upload.

upload images

Click ‘Insert into page‘ to add the uploaded image to the page.


You can also go to Media > Add New to upload an image to the website without being on the edit screen. Once an image is uploaded you can use it anyway on the website.



Adding/updating the page banner

Every page other than the home page lets you create a single banner image on each page. Go to the edit window of the page you would like to add the banner to( Edit Pages > All Pages > Edit ). On the right side of the page there is a box called ‘Featured Image’, upload an image using the ‘Set featured image‘ link. The image should be 1140px x 570px.


Deleting photos from your Media Library

To delete any files or photos from your website, start the process by navigating to Media Library
wordpress-media-library Next, to do this from List view,
Using your mouse, hover over any of the image files that you wish to delete from your library.
Click on the Delete Permanently option to remove the image.

Bulk Deletion

There is an easier way to remove multiple images from your website. To do this from List view, select the checkbox next to each image that you wish to remove.

Once you have selected all images that you wish to delete, refer to the Bulk Actions drop-down menu above the file listing. Choose the Delete Permanently option from the menu and click the Apply button.



Updating the overall website settings

The single pages and posts on the website can be edited on each individual page, but there are some site wide settings which get set in a different area. To edit the site wide settings go to Appearance > Theme Options 
theme options

Here you can change the logo that is being used in the navigation, the background image and add social media pages to the footer.

These settings should not need to be changed very often, only if there is a company re-brand or update the social media pages.


Changing the contact us information

Staying in Appearance > Theme Options go to the ‘Contact Us Setting’ tab. Here you can update the homepage promo boxes, change the map pointer on the contact page and change the contact details that are displayed on the contact us page.


Update the home promo boxes

The home promo boxes can be changed from the ‘Homepage Setting’ tab in Appearance > Theme Options. There are three boxes on the page which have multiple features you are able to change.

  • Image – The image that will show in the promo box
  • Title – The title of the promo box
  • Text – The content that will display under the title
  • Link – The page that your promo box links to


Moderating Comments on your posts

When you have a blog you will always get people spamming your comments section with links back to their website to try and make there website look better. Unfortunately this hurts your chances to ranking high on google. To fix this your website will have an anti-spam plugin to block most of the spam comments, we have also made it so any comment posted on your website has to be approved by you before being displayed on your website. You have the option to accept the comment, mark it as spam or trash it. To view the comments your blog has received go to Comments. Usually if the comment has any links in it, or the name doesn’t sound real it will be spam and you should trash it.