HiSITE Channel Manager

HiSITE is HiRUM’s leading Channel Manager Solution, connecting your property

to all of the world’s most prominent online booking channels and making

it visible and available to travellers around the world! With automatic

and instant updating, it’s easy to see why properties around the

world choose HiSITE as their Channel Manager!

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Using HiSITE Channel Manager you can

More Bookings

Increase Booking

Connect to the full online
booking ecosystem

More Freedom

Save Time

Eliminate manual processes with
automatic updates of your rates and

More Profit


Sell your rooms for the optimum
price with Intuitive Pricing

More Bookings


Two way real-time updates reduce
overbookings, ensuring a positive
guest experience

More Profit

Access Promotional

Create urgency, increase
awareness and drive bookings with
our promotional tools

More Freedom

Ensure Inventory & Rates
Are Always Current

Your room availability and rates are
changed in real time ensuring a better
guest experience

Our HiSITE Channel Manager updates your property's availability and rates in real time across all channels,
including Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems and Metasearch Channels. This ensures you
maximise your booking revenue potential by connecting to the entire booking ecosystem. Make the most of
guests' online booking habits and maximise your potential bookings by connecting
automatically to these high traffic online sites.

How The Channel Manager Connects You To
The World of Online Bookings


Our Connectivity Partners

Using HiSITE, you can maximise your booking potential, using the whole booking
ecosystem from around the world.

Online Travel Agents (OTA's)

OTA’s have large marketing budgets, so are a great way to get your property noticed by
travellers locally and from all around the world. HiRUM connects to the world’s leading OTA’s,
ensuring you are visible where & when your customers are searching.

Metasearch Engines (Meta)

Metasearch channels are your best chance to get in-front of those searching for
accommodation in a specific location. When travellers type in a destination online,
Metasearch engines collate and display results for hotels in the area, aggregating results
across the web including listings from online OTA’s.

Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

GDS channels provide travel agencies with real-time availability as well as preferred rates.
They allow you to open your inventory to those booking their accommodation via travel agents,
including those agencies that look after the corporate market, and
confirm large volume bookings.

Key Features of HiSITE
Channel Manager

More Profit

Real-time Availability

HiSITE will automatically update your available inventory when a booking is made on any site. Your website & third-party booking channels will mirror your real-time availability.

More Profit


Allows your live availability to automatically upload directly from your PMS/CRS and to receive reservations from all your online channels. We integrate with most PMS/CRS.

More Profit


Room Pooling allows you to set up promotions, special offers and extended stays to sell the same physical room on your online channels in a variety of ways

More Profit


The HiSITE Channel Manager’s mapping tool allows you to instantly map any room type from your PMS/CRS to your online booking sites.

More Profit


Master Rates saves you time on manual processes, allowing you to have rates update automatically based on rules you set.

More Profit


If you have distinct seasons throughout the year ie low/mid/high, then simply set your seasonal rate and HiSITE Seasons automatically update your rates based on the season you select.

More Profit


Never manually calculate the net rate again. Simply enter your gross rates and let HiSITE Channel Manager do the rest.

More Profit


Whether you manage a single property or multiple properties, you can manage these through one convenient login.

More Profit

Pricing (IP)*

Intuitive Pricing allows you to set rules to ensure your rooms are always listed at the best price, without you even having to log in. Adjusting rates and closing out channels based on your preferences

More Profit

Analytics &

Our powerful analytics help you to make informed business decisions, based on insight, not gut feel. These reports can help you see your business performance at any point in time, as well as predict future trends in your business.

More Profit

At a Glance

The easy to use dashboard allows you to see what’s happening at a glance, giving you a live overview of your property’s active channels, rooms & connections. This allows you to identify any issues before they interrupt your property’s performance.

More Profit


Use our promotional tools to create urgency, increase awareness and drive bookings. From promotional codes to stay pay offers, HiSITE Channel Manager makes it all possible.

“…Hi-site allows bookings to drop straight into my bookings calendar, saving the manual handling and risk of overbookings.
I initially stayed with the previous channel manager as it was a pre-paid subscription for 3 more months. However, I quickly
decided to go with HiSITE after experiencing missed bookings, which resulted in overbookings and me having to pay for guest
relocation fees to other properties. While other software companies have similar partnerships with similar products, HiRUM
-is a one-stop shop for everything. If I have any software related questions I call the one company...”

Adam Kelly

Kirra Palms

“At Portobello by the sea we have been using HiRUM Front Desk Software for the past 10 years and HiSITE Direct online Booking
Software since 2011. HiSITE integrates perfectly with HiRUM and ensures that our availability is kept up to date 24hrs a day not
only on our own website but on all the last minute booking sites like Booking.com, Wotif etc. Prior to HiSITE this was a huge time
consuming task that we had to do manually. HiSITE is user friendly and as with all other HiRUM products, support is always there
when you need it. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to others”

Rosa Collins

Portobello on the Sea

“We have restructured everything at Ivory Palms so that we could become more efficient. One of the changes that we made was
changing to HiSITE Channel Manager. In the beginning we were reluctant to change however it was a very good decision. The
bookings drop into HiRUM Front Desk and we have set it up so that direct bookings come from our website without fuss. The
software is very simple and it is easy to manage. During busy times we would save half a day’s work for a staff member. This also
helps us to increase customer service to our guests and even save a little in wages”

Geoff Hussin

Ivory Palms

“Guests are our number one priority. We are hands on and do most things ourselves when it comes to them. We use HiRUM Property
Management Software and HiSITE Channel Manager, which has a two-way interface which updates our availability across all online
booking sites. This prevents the risk of overbooking and cuts down our admin time dramatically, leaving us free to concentrate on
providing our guests with a quality holiday experience that they will never forget”

Eddie and Julie Harrop

Beachfront Apartments Trinity Beach

HiSITE Case Study

Read how HiSITE Channel Manager helped a Brisbane property, streamline
its processes and make smarter business decisions.

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