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Feature-rich cloud-based channel management software that is easy to use and powered by cutting-edge technology. Grow you visibility and maximise your occupancy with our powerful channel manager. 

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Grow Your Visibilty, Boost Your Occupancy, Connect To The Right Channels

HiSITE channel manager enables you to easily connect and list all of your available rooms and room types across a huge network of online booking channels. This includes online travel agencies (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Metasearch Channels. Manage your online room distribution strategies in real-time across all connected channels and take advantage of intuitive pricing to automatically adjust your pricing in line with demand and optimise your profitability across all booking sites.

Grow your business and simplify your channel management with software that was designed by industry experts for the industry. Streamline your operations and save time with the one system that was designed for properties of all sizes, from the smallest of B&Bs to the largest resort all from within the one channel management system. 

Easy inventory management means you can say goodbye to manual processes and say hello to your new best friend!

Optimise Your Channel Performance & Watch Your Profitability Grow

Increase Booking

Sell your rooms for the optimum price with intuitive pricing.

Save Time

Eliminate manual processes
with automatic updates of your
rates and availability.

Reduce Overbookings

Two-way real-time updates avoid double bookings and ensure a positive guest experience.

Grow Occupancy

Connect to the world of
online distribution and real time

Trusted & reliable channel management software

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Connecting the world of online
bookings to your property

How it works

Connect to HiRUMs Channel Management system and manage your online room
or property distribution in real-time to all leading Online Travel Agents (OTA’s),
Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Metasearch Channels.

Seamless Connection Made Easy

HiSITE Channel Manager connects your property to world-leading OTA’s, ensuring you are
visible whenever and wherever your customers are searching for accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Channel Manager Software

A channel manager is a critical tool in the hospitality industry, designed to simplify the process of managing multiple booking channels for accommodations such as hotels, motels, resorts and vacation rentals. Channel manager software automates the distribution of a property’s availability, rates and inventory to online travel agencies (OTAs), booking platforms, and the property’s own website in real-time.

The primary goal of a channel manager is to enhance a property’s visibility and booking potential by ensuring that its listings are up-to-date across all channels, thereby preventing overbookings and rate discrepancies. It saves time and reduces manual errors by eliminating the need to update each booking site individually. 

Integration with a property management system (PMS) and other software solutions ensures a seamless flow of information, from reservations to customer management and billing, providing a comprehensive toolset for maximising operational efficiency and revenue in the competitive hospitality market.

Channel manager software connects to all of your sales channels including your own website, online travel agents (OTAs), Metasearch channels, global distribution systems (GDS) as well as your Property management System (PMS). It enables you to advertise all of your rooms on the channels you select and updates your inventory in real time. So, for example, if you sell a room via an OTA room availability is instantly updated on all of your other channels to ensure you can’t overbook.

Both a channel manager and website booking software are vital tools to grow your profitability. Often referred to as a hotel booking engine, your online booking software enables you to take direct bookings on your website and process payments. Whereas channel management software allows you to advertise your rooms across a wide range of third-party channels and keep your room availability and pricing synchronised.

  • Booking Engine: A booking engine is a software application integrated into your hotel’s or property’s website, allowing guests to make direct reservations. It displays your property’s availability, rates, and allows for immediate booking confirmation without any manual intervention. The booking engine is designed to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience for guests who visit your website, enabling them to book their stay directly with your property. This tool is essential for maximising direct bookings, reducing commission costs associated with third-party agents, and enhancing your overall revenue management strategy.
  • Channel Manager: A channel manager, on the other hand, is a tool that allows your property to manage multiple distribution channels from a single interface. It synchronises your availability, rates, and bookings across various online travel agencies (OTAs), third-party booking sites, and other distribution channels. This ensures that your inventory is accurately represented everywhere it’s listed, preventing overbooking and rate discrepancies. The channel manager automates the process of updating all channels whenever a booking is made or cancelled, whether through your booking engine, directly at the hotel, or through any other sales channel. This tool is crucial for expanding your online presence, reaching a wider audience, and streamlining the management of multiple booking platforms.

Channel management software is designed to streamline the distribution strategies of your accommodation inventory across various booking channels. There are numerous benefits to accommodation providers, aiming to maximise revenue, improve operational efficiency, and enhance guest satisfaction. Here are some key advantages:

  • Increased Visibility and Reach: A channel manager ensures your property is listed across a wide range of online travel agencies (OTAs), booking platforms, and distribution channels. This increased online presence boosts your visibility to potential guests, enhancing your chances of bookings from diverse markets.

  • Real-Time Room Inventory Management: Automatically update your inventory in real-time across all channels. This feature eliminates overbooking and underbooking issues, ensuring guests can only book rooms and room types that are genuinely available, thereby reducing manual errors and enhancing guest satisfaction.

  • Automated Rate Parity: Maintain consistent pricing across all channels effortlessly. Our software automatically updates your rates across all platforms, ensuring rate parity and preventing disparities that could harm your brand’s reputation.

  • Efficient Revenue Management: With advanced analytics and reporting tools, a channel manager helps you make informed decisions about pricing strategies. Analyse performance across different channels to identify trends, optimise rates and maximise revenue.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Save valuable time and reduce operational costs by automating the process of managing multiple channels. Our software streamlines workflows, allowing you and your staff to focus on other critical aspects of your business, such as guest experience and operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Booking Experience: Provide potential guests with an easy and seamless booking experience. With accurate availability and rates information across all channels, guests are more likely to have a positive booking experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

  • Strategic Insights and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into booking trends, channel performance, and market dynamics. Our software provides detailed analytics, helping you to strategically adjust your distribution approach for optimal performance.

There are a few key features that you should consider when choosing channel manager software including:

  • PMS connectivity: does it integrate seamlessly with other property management systems (PMS), central reservation systems (CRS), and revenue management systems (RMS), creating a cohesive and efficient operational ecosystem?
  • Real time availability of inventory: does it automatically update your inventory in real-time across all channels?
  • Rate parity tools: does it automatically update your rates across all platforms, ensuring rate parity and preventing disparities that could harm your brand’s reputation?
  • Ease of use: how easy is it to set up and use the software and what training is available to support you?

In addition it’s worth looking for a supplier with extensive industry experience who is based in Australia and can offer dedicated training and support.

At HiRUM our dedicated Australian-based customer support team is ready to assist with any queries or issues that may arise. We ensure you have the guidance and support needed to make the most out of our channel management solution.

An integrated booking solution for all accommodation types

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If you’re still on the fence, read how HiRUMs Channel Manager helped a Brisbane property streamline its processes and make smarter business decisions.

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