Manage your business on the go!

The HiRUM Property Management App and Rental Property App suite enables you to manage all aspects of your accommodation from any mobile device. Manage your routine inspections, housekeeping and maintenance jobs directly from your mobile device.  Check in guests while on the go from your phone or tablet.  Fully integrated to HiRUM Front Desk for ease and efficiency.

Manage Your Business On The Go

Don’t be tied to your desk or computer.  You can manage your business whenever and from wherever you need to be.

Save Precious Time

Administration is time consuming.  Save yourself and your guests time by checking them in on the shuttle from the airport, or in the foyer, and save your guests the hassle of having to queue up at reception.

Manage Proactively

Most people carry their phones with them all the time.  Our mobile applications allow you to manage proactively wherever you are.  See a maintenance job; log it immediately.  No more forgetting, no more delays!

Manage Housekeeping and Housekeeping Teams

Management of your housekeeping teams can be time consuming and difficult. Our housekeeping app allows you to track the length of time taken to complete rooms, control staff movements and maximise productivity, all from your mobile device.

Know What Is happening, When It Happens

Receive push notifications immediately when certain events occur, so that management can be proactive and responsive

Works on all your favourite devices

We all have our favorite devices, and our application will work across a variety of platforms.  So whether you are a huge fan of Apple or an Android devotee, you can access the latest in management technology

Mobile Check in App for your Business?

Are your receptionists under pressure at check in time? Would a mobile check-in system suit your business?  Our specially designed Mobile check -in app allows you to check guests in remotely, whether that be whilst in their car at the kerbside, in the resort's airport shuttle, or even in the reception area.  You decide what works best for your business to minimise queues and waiting time, and maximise your guest's satisfaction.  We help you to provide stand-out service right from the commencement of their stay.

HiRUM’s mobile check in connects directly to your HiRUM Property Management System. The guest does not have to leave the car, unload the kids and line up at the reception desk. After a long trip, wouldn't we all appreciate this extra service!