HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk App

HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk is designed to give you the ability to manage your critical business information when you need it; and from wherever you may be.

What can I do using HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk?


See your room availability at a glance, for the dates your guests require

Make Booking

Seamlessly make bookings on the go

Arrivals and Departures

Check your Arrivals & Departures for the day, or for any date you require

My Contacts

Access staff or guest contact details on the move

Overdue Guests

See overdue guests (both departures and arrivals)

In House

View a list of all current in-house guests


Effortlessly check-in guests from wherever you may be

Search Bookings

Find a particular booking or guest details with ease

Room Status

Check if rooms are ready before guests check-in

How do I order it?

Phone us on 07 5574 4990 or send us a message using the contact form.

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