HiRUM Anywhere Inspection App

HiRUM Anywhere Inspection is designed to make it easier for you to undertake your property inspections, reducing manual processes and human error.

What can I do using the HiRUM Anywhere Inspection App?

Schedule Inspections

Set up routine or recurring inspections

Set-up specialised inspections

Create inspections for specific asset types across multiple properties/units

Make Notes

Add private or general notes to provide detailed feedback

Add photos on the go

Seamlessly add photos to show damaged or dirty items

Modify inspections on the go

Add, delete or modify items mid-inspection

See upcoming or overdue inspections

See inspections at a glance using the powerful calendar feature

Customise your inspections

Create specific property inspections including gardens, pool areas, gym, even carparks

What are the benefits of HiRUM Anywhere Inspection?

Easily document issues

Make notes or take photos on the go

Seamlessly report issues

Email Property Managers completed inspection reports with notes and photos

Flexible templates

Set-up inspections unique for your property or use one of our pre-existing templates

Allows comprehensive inspections

Reflects residential tenancy authority inspections

Save time with automated processes

Save time scanning documents, reports are automatically stored in the web portal

Easy to use

Allows you to complete inspections quickly and accurately

Comprehensive reporting

Once inspections are complete you can select from various report types

Work offline or online

Carry out inspections regardless of access to mobile or internet connectivity


How do I order it?

Phone us on 07 5574 4990 or send us a message using the contact form.

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