Front Desk App

HiRUM Front Desk App is designed to give you the ability to manage your critical business information when you need it; and from wherever you may be.


See your room availability at a glance, for the dates your guests require.

Make Booking

Seamlessly make bookings on the go.

Arrivals / Departures

Check your Arrivals & Departures for the day, or for any date you require.

My Contacts

Access staff or guest contact details on the move.

Overdue Guests

See overdue guests (both departures and arrivals).

In House

View a list of all current in-house guests.


Effortlessly check-in guests from wherever you may be.

Search Bookings

Find a particular booking or guest details with ease.

Room Status

Check if rooms are ready before guests check-in.

Inspection App

HiRUM Inspection App is designed to make it easier for you to undertake your property inspections, reducing manual processes and human error.

Schedule Inspections

Set-up routine or recurring inspections.

Set-up specialised

Create inspections for specific asset types across multiple properties/units.


Easily send detailed inspection reports to owners, tenants, etc.

Make Notes

Add private or general notes to provide detailed feedback.

Add photos on the go

Seamlessly add photos to show damaged or dirty items.

Modify inspections on
the go

Add, delete or modify items mid-inspection.

See upcoming or
overdue inspections

See inspections at a glance using the powerful calendar feature.

Customise your

Create specific property inspections including gardens, pool areas, gym, even carparks.

Asset App

HiRUM Asset App provides property managers with a simple and easy way to record, manage and store information regarding property assets throughout their lifespan.

Record & Manage

Record and manage information about your assets such as General Info, End of Lifespan, Use & Condition Status, and Depreciation.

Mobile Access

Access your asset data from anywhere using a mobile device (no computer needed).

Multiple Users

Have multiple users for delegation and accountability purposes.

Utilise your Camera

Utilise the camera on your device to allow a range of barcode types to be scanned for quick use.

Notifications & Tasks

Easily create, assign and view notifications & tasks for your assets.

Asset Documents

View and store documents such as general files, inspection reports and manuals.


Create and manage stocktakes for assets (All or location based).

Maintenance App

HiRUM Maintenance App is designed to provide property managers with an easy-to-use solution for scheduling, managing and recording all maintenance related jobs throughout the property/properties.

Schedule, Manage
and Record

Schedule, manage and record all maintenance tasks throughout your property/properties.

Mobile Access

Access data from anywhere using a mobile device (no computer needed).

Supplier Database

Build a supplier database within the app of all maintenance related contacts; (including contact names, contact number, email, etc).

HiRUM PMS Integration

Integrate data with the HiRUM Property Management System (PMS).

Maintenance Notes

Include detailed notes for each maintenance task.

Multi-Property Friendly

Easily schedule and organise maintenance tasks for multiple properties.

Message Suppliers

Email suppliers the job information directly from the app.

HiSITE Image Manager App

The HiSITE Image Manager App provides property managers with the ability to easily upload and manage images for multiple properties and room types, all from one easy-to-access central source.

Upload with ease

Easily upload, organise and store photos for multiple properties and room types, from anywhere using a mobile device (no computer needed).

HiSITE Channel Manager

Integrate the Image Manager App with their HiSITE Channel Manager, allowing the photos to be easily uploaded to all the property’s connected channels.

Store & Manage

Store and manage all property and room photos from one easy-to-access location.

Photo Management

Quickly and easily add, edit or delete photos from connected channels.

Automatic Re-sizing Tool

Image Manager will automatically re-size images to their optimal resolution.

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