Property Management

See your business at a glance and make decisions based on insights not gut feel!

HiRUM brings you a clearer view of your business through advanced property analytics, provided in a simple, easy to use dashboard. Allowing you to make smart business decisions based on facts not guesses.

Now you can get an overall view of your property’s performance, at your fingertips!

Comprehensive reporting turns data into actionable insights, helping you to improve your operations, distribution strategy and increase your property’s profitability.

Key features available:

Analytics at a glance

Analytics at a glance

Get an overview of your PMS and performance data in one simple to use dashboard!

Forecasting/Budgeting made easy

Forecasting/Budgeting made easy

Track your booking progress against your pre-defined goals. Compare daily, weekly or monthly booking forecasts against budgets.

Reporting on demand

Reporting on demand

Gain access to comprehensive and customisable reports when you need them. Business insights on demand!

PLUS, a host of other features!

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