Trust Accounting Software

Fast, accurate and compliant trust accounting software you can trust. Know your business is in the best hands!

HiRUM is renowned in the property management industry for our Trust Accounting software capabilities. Not only does our system provide precision accounting and transparent record keeping, but our accounting wizards ensure lightning fast speed. This enables you to save time to focus on other important matters.

Built for those that need to keep accurate records to report to their owners i.e. Strata properties, Real Estate agents, those that manage holiday homes or simply let multiple properties.

Key trust accounting software features include

End of Month

End of Month & Rollover Wizards make your job easier

Our simple to use wizards ensure accurate and fast end of month processing every time. Ensuring you are on your way and ready to go every month.

Strict compliance

Strict compliance with statutory legislation

HiRUM software is fully compliant with all property management legislation both in Australia and in New Zealand.

Leading bank reconciliation

Leading bank reconciliation function on the market today

Accurate 3 way balancing with cross checks to ensure compliance. Reconcile individual receipts or bulk deposits, your choice, your way.

Complete audit trail and log reports

Complete audit trail and log reports

Our log reports keep track of all activities, ensuring complete security compliance and ability to track activities.

Transparent Developer

Transparent Developer /Rent Guarantees

We expertly handle developer/rental guarantees, providing full auditability and transparency for all parties.

Fully integrated within PMS

Fully integrated within PMS

Our Trust accounting software is inbuilt into our HiRUM PMS eliminating additional costs, third-party products or needless add-ons.

Flexible income pooling

Flexible income pooling

We can handle pooled income in a variety of different ways, don’t be restricted by your software.

Easy to understand reports

Easy to understand reports

Auditors often tell us how easy our reports are to follow and understand, which means you can too!

Scheduled Auto backups

Scheduled Auto backups

Schedule your back-ups for a time that suits you, not when dictated by your software. Your time, your choice!

Security level access

Security level access

Ensure the security of your information, restricting access to users, based on their role/requirements.

batch reporting

‘One Click’ batch reporting

Simply select the reports you wish to print with one click, saving you time.

Full bank Journals

Full bank Journals

Track bank journals with ease

Why Choose HiRUM for your Trust Accounting Software?

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  • We’re the industry leaders in Trust Accounting software (30+ years of knowledge!)
  • Trusted by property managers and auditors alike
  • Fully compliant with legislation in both Australia & New Zealand
  • It’s easy to make the switch
  • Industry renowned Support and Onboarding Specialists with front line experience
  • It’s built into the PMS (no integration needed!)
  • No hidden costs
  • Online self-help centre
  • A powerful tool that’s simple to use
  • + more!

How do I get started?

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