Don’t leave your reputation to chance. Get onboard with TrustYou, the world’s largest guest review platform.

TrustYou is the world’s largest guest feedback program, with over 500,000 hotels worldwide using the platform to improve their product and influence future direct bookings on scale.

50% of reviews worldwide come from guest satisfaction surveys, however, most are hidden in the deep web invisible to many potential travel bookers. By plugging guest survey reviews into the TrustYou platform properties can have a positive influence on their reputation across the web. This feedback is collated and turned into a property Trust Score which is then broadcast across the internet and on review sites, including Google, SkyScanner and many more, where millions of travellers’ go to review and book accommodation.

With HiRUM Anywhere you gain access to the many benefits offered by the TrustYou platform. Make sure you don’t leave your reputation to chance, see what Trust You can do for you.

Benefits of the TrustYou platform:

Gain insights into your property’s overall product

Customisable surveys enable a property to identify what customers love or don’t like about their offering. Helping properties improve their overall product.

Increase your property’s visibility in search engine results

The more guest reviews you have in TrustYou the better your TrustYou trust score. The higher your score, the better chance your property has to be visible across the wider web and in local search results, ultimately leading to more bookings.

Consolidated review data

With access to a consolidated review dashboard, you have all the information on your reviews at your fingertips, including review reports and statistical information. This can be used to make informed decisions about your product.

Positively influence your direct bookings

Add your TrustYou reviews and Trust Score to your website using the TrustYou widget. Once reviews are posted by the customer and pushed to channels like Google, they will also appear on your website. This will help strengthen your direct booking potential.

Features of TrustYou:

Customised review templates with multiple channel posting options

Send guests professional looking post - stay letters, that allow guests to choose which channel/s they would like their review to be pushed to including Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Ability to report inappropriate reviews

You have 72-hours between when a guest posts their review and it’s pushed live to review sites like Google etc. This provides you with the opportunity to report inappropriate reviews and have these reviews removed by TrustYou before they go live. Reviews reported to TrustYou will be assessed for appropriateness.

Customisable surveys

Gain in-depth feedback from your guests, tailoring the survey to rate items of importance to you.

Provide surveys in other languages

Should you have regular visitors from different countries, you can send them a review letter and survey in their preferred language.

Receive notifications/alerts when you receive new reviews

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