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Congratulations Chateau Beachside

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -11/08/2014

Congratulations to Chateau Beachside on the Gold Coast who achieved our first ever Google Hotel Finder Direct booking after they went live on the 1st July!!  No doubt there will be many, many more to come.

We are very excited about the Google Hotel Finder initiative and everything that it is bringing to the table.

We are hearing great things from many of the properties who have already signed up on Hotel Finder, with some receiving direct bookings not just through hotel finder itself, but also calls direct from their google + page and google maps.


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We are working hard on increasing the profile of our client’s Google + page, and we know that this has a very positive impact on the prominence of their Hotel Finder listing. In addition to this, it is increasing their property’s visibility across a number of Google mediums, such as Google + and Google maps. Each of these is affording the opportunity to attract direct bookings with ZERO commission.

Google is ensuring that the contact details and web address for each property is visible at a number of different touch points, so that users FINALLY are afforded choice and can easily go straight to the property if they want to. At last, accommodation providers can finally sit down at the table without worrying about someone else stealing their lunch.

And best still, there is plenty of room for you to be invited.

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