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Hotel Industry Trends: 3 Top Customer Service Trends in Hospitality

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 19/09/2018
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In an industry where service is paramount, staying on top of the latest customer service trends in hospitality can make all the difference to your bottom line and keep you ahead of the competition. The rate of change happening in the hospitality and hotel industry right now is staggering and if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that it’s only likely to accelerate not decrease.

One of the reasons the game is changing so fast is the development and application of new technology in both customer-facing and ‘back end’ hotel booking systems.

Guests are increasingly tech-savvy and using multiple digital platforms to find the perfect experience and they expect hotels and hospitality providers to be able to engage and respond to their needs quickly and effectively. So whether you are a large resort, a boutique hotel or a small bed and breakfast, you need to embrace these tech changes to ensure you stay ahead of the pack. Here are a few of the customer service trends in hospitality you should be looking to adopt:

Hotel Industry Trend #1: Personalisation and responsiveness of communication

Addressing guests personally by their first name not only increases their trust in your brand but makes them feel like their individual experience matters. There are a number of technologies that can help your business to do this efficiently and effectively.

A good CRM system that integrates with your hotel booking software will help you to collect and maintain valuable information about your guests and, for regular clients, be able to surprise and delight them by ensuring their regular requests are recorded and taken care of on every visit.

While it goes without saying that you want a beautifully designed and easy to use website to attract potential customers, once they’re on your website another increasingly useful tool is to have a ‘chatbot’ installed. With 80% of businesses either already using or planning to use chatbots by 2020, this is one of the customer service trends in hospitality that you can’t afford to ignore.

Hotel Industry Trend #2: Reputation management and social media

To some degree this is closely aligned with the first point about responsiveness of communication. Having an active and responsive social media presence is certainly not a new or emerging trend however customers expectations about seeing hotels and hospitality businesses actively respond online is definitely increasing. An effective marketing reach program can play dividends not just in attracting potential new customers but in showcasing your excellent customer service.

Responding to reviews, whether they be good or bad, is something that potential guests expect to see, as they see it almost as an indicator of whether a hotel ‘cares enough’.

In addition, customers expect to be able to ask questions and request information via social media channels so it’s worth taking some time every day to check in and see what customers are saying about you and showing just how much great customer service means to you.

Your social media presence is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand personality and give customers an idea of what they can expect at your property.

Hotel Industry Trend #3: Mobile-first technology is a must

The term mobile-first technology is everywhere at the moment. Google is even implementing mobile-first indexing of websites to try and make the web more mobile-friendly and reflect consumer behaviour trends. In terms of customer service trends in the hospitality industry, what this means is that all the services that you offer need to be accessible and bookable on a mobile device.

This includes everything from making sure that you have a stunning mobile-friendly website to creating mobile apps and even integrating mobile technology into the in-house guest experience.

With statistics showing that over 40 percent of online transactions were made on mobile devices in 2017 and this figure set to rise sharply in the next couple of years, mobile-first technology is another of the customer service trends in hospitality that you should be getting on board with.


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