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An Insider Look at HiRUM’s Powerful Marketing Capabilities

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 08/03/2018
HiRUM's Marketing capabilities

With this month’s focus on all things marketing, we figured we’d highlight the less-publicised marketing capabilities that our very own HiRUM PMS has!

You may be surprised to learn just how powerful its marketing tools are. Make sure you’re making the most of your software.

HiRUM Marketing Letters

This function has the ability to automate guest email communications, saving you time and effort, while ensuring your guest experience is as seamless as possible.

Use HiRUM’s Automated Marketing Letters function to email guests:
• prior to check-in, to confirm their booking details or to promote tours
• after check-out, to thank them for their stay, request a review or to offer a discount/deal for future stays.

If you would like to enquire about automating Marketing Letters, contact sales@hirum.com.au.

HiRUM Customer Tracking

HiRUM captures and extensively records customers’ details from each booking, including their address details, the agent name, region, how they booked and even demographics about what type of guest they are (be it a couple, family or corporate guest etc.). This gives property managers a powerful marketing tool to manage their loyalty program, should they have one.

Track guests spend over time, identifying the number of times they have stayed and the total associated revenue. This will enable you to effortlessly analyse which guests are most loyal and reward them accordingly.

With this information you can also auto-generate special occasion communications for guests’ birthdays/anniversaries etc. You can even take your customer service to the next level by keeping records of their preferences (e.g. if they usually request extra towels, a wake-up call or prefer no housekeeping services etc.).

Robust Reporting

Another component of HiRUM’s marketing capabilities is its powerful reporting tool.

Run an extensive marketing report from within your HiRUM PMS to see your total number of bookings, room nights and revenue figures for any given date range in the past, or use the data for forecasting purposes. Click here for an explanation on how to run this report.

Marketing Capabilities - reporting

Making use of these powerful marketing capabilities will ensure your guests are blown away the next time they check-in, increasing the likelihood of them re-booking with you again in the future.

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