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HiSITE Channel Manager – Rejected/ No Allocation Message

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 20/02/2015

Rejected – No Allocation Message

A HiSITE Channel Manager Booking Alert – Low Allocation email will be sent to your property if an OTA/channel (Wotif for example) is showing availability when in actual fact HiSITE does not have availability. This means that HiSITE and the OTA (Online Travel Agent) are out of synchronisation for some reason and the booking was allowed to be made on the channel, sent to HiSITE and then rejected by HiSITE.

This booking will have been confirmed by the OTA and neither the guest nor the OTA will be aware that it was rejected by HiSITE. The guest will still be arriving on the day of this booking if you do not take action.

If you receive a message like this please action it straight away by entering the booking manually into HiRUM and placing the customer into another similar room type.

If you are unable to change rooms you have a few options:

  1. Contact the OTA to see if they can assist with finding alternate accommodation for the guest and ask them to cancel the original booking. alert
  2. If you have an alliance with another property, ask if they can accommodate.

‘Low allocation’ messages cannot easily be prevented. For example, if two customers make a booking on your last room on two different OTA’s at the same time then both bookings will be able to be created. These bookings will then be processed in HiSITE but one of the bookings will be rejected.

If you believe there was no availability and the booking should have never been made:

  1. Contact the OTA and request the logs to show when this room type was made available.
  2. Once you receive the logs, please email them through to our office for further investigation.


Why this might have happened:

Rejected Bookings: (There is availability on the channel and room is mapped in HiSITE but when booking dropped into HiSITE there was no availability).

  1. This could be due to booking being taken over the phone for the same dates that the booking was being made on the channel.
  2. Property was moving bookings around in HiRUM causing inventory to be uploaded on the channels.
  3. When Channels send through cancellations via email or fax the booking is already cancelled on the channel regardless if the property have cancelled it in HiRUM. This will put the availability for this booking back on the channel. If a booking is made for these dates and the booking has not yet been cancelled in HiRUM it will drop through as a rejected no allocation booking in HiSITE.
  4. Could also be stop sell was put on but the channel never accepted this event, further investigation would need to come from the channel. Property will need to seek alternative accommodation for the guest if they can’t accommodate them with a room change or Upgrade.


Note: If wish for Support to investigate why this room was not mapped, charges will be applied if you have not obtained logs from the OTA first.


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