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A Property Inspection Checklist: Tips To Avoid Compliance Issues

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 13/02/2018
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We’ve heard the horror stories from property managers, of legal battles and expensive mistakes when property inspections aren’t compliant, or not completed at all. All this can be prevented with the HiRUM Inspection app, and its powerful asset classification tool, which allows you to schedule repeat and/or one-off ‘specialised’ inspections for an entire asset group throughout your property or properties. Follow our property management compliance checklist to minimise the risk of issues for your property.

Property management compliance checklist

There are a lot of inspections that property managers are required to have carried out regularly, for both residential and holiday-let properties. The most obvious that may come to mind is the entry, exit and routine inspections for rental properties, however, others can include:

  • fire safety inspections
  • plumbing & electrical inspections
  • pest inspections
  • pool safety inspections
  • test & tag inspections
  • asbestos inspections
  • building integrity inspections, plus many more.

What do I need to do to be compliant?

Your first step to achieving compliance should be to research what type of inspections are required for your specific property and determine how often they should occur. Australia has tight regulations surrounding what type of specialised inspections should be carried out and when for both residential and holiday-let properties.

In addition, your owners, body corporate, tenants and potentially your own management policies may add additional inspection requirements into your schedule. The best advice is to do your research and make a property inspection checklist of specialised inspections you may require, and add them to your inspection schedule.

The inspection app handles all inspections with ease, whether they be routine, one-off or specialised inspections. With this app you can conduct your inspections on the go, attaching photos and comments to your inspections, as well as being able to see upcoming or overdue inspections at a glance. No need to wait until you get in front of your computer to input data, reducing the need for manual entry, reducing both time and paperwork.

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