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Time To Get Organised – Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 11/01/2018
Keep Calm and Plan Your Seasons

Time To Get Organised – Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

When planning your year ahead, look at your busy times – school holidays, public holidays, long weekends and local community events. Put in stop-sells where necessary & set-up your seasons in HiSITE, colour coding these in your HiRUM booking ledger, so you can see upcoming events at a glance. Here are a few resources we’ve compiled which may make planning the year ahead a little easier:

To set up your seasons in your HiRUM Front Desk system and HiSITE Channel Manager, follow the simple instructions below:

1. Setting up Seasons in your HiRUM Property Management System

Seasons in your HiRUM PMS indicate different periods so that different minimum stays and rates can be set up. Simply go to units, click on the guest tariffs icon, click into the seasonal table and then click insert.

Plan Seasons with your PMS

Continue loading the seasons until all periods have been added. Please note that as Low Season is set for an infinite period, HiRUM will always consider low season to be active, unless there is another Season set.
The same season number can be used multiple times, when the same rate is to be used over different periods (i.e. Season number 2 can be used at Easter & School Holidays). A different minimum stay can be set for each of these seasons (e.g. min 4 days over Easter & min 5 days over September Holidays).

Seasonal Dates Table

Once the period has expired, you can go in and delete that particular season.

2. Setting up Seasons in your HiSITE Channel Manager

Setting up HiSITE seasons will save you time and effort when updating your rates to all your channels. Instead of entering each date range and the same rate multiple times into the control panel, you will simply select your seasons.

For a full explanation on how to set up seasons in your HiSITE channel manager, visit eLearning.


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