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Adding a new channel in HiSITE Channel Manager

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 10/11/2015

In HiSITE, when a property is connected to a Channel it means that it is automatically updated as you make changes to your rates, availability or your stop sells. It also means that if a guest makes a booking via the channel that their booking will be updated in your HiSITE grid and an availability will be deducted at the same time. As long as your channels are connected to HiSITE your availability will always be in sync. For HiSITE and the channels to communicate in this way the following needs to happen:

Prior to actually setting up anything in the software, an account needs to be setup between the property and the channel and your room and/ or rate packages need to be created again you will also be provided with a username and password from your new channel. The username and password are mandatory for the channel to connect to HiSITE. Finally, rooms in HiSITE need to be created to match the channel room packages, that’s if they don’t already exist. Once the prior information has been gathered and actioned follow these steps:
Select the word Settings from the top menu, then click on to the Channels icon, on the far right hand side, click on to the down arrow where you will find the word, activate, click on the word, enter the required information as indicated by HiSITE remembering that the channel has provided you with the username and password, Click on Save, HiSITE will then connect to the channel.


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