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Processing an Owners Early Payment

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 18/11/2015

The following tutorial will assist you if you need to give an owner an early payment.

If you are required to pay an owner funds prior to the End of Month start by clicking on Units icon. Locate the unit that belongs to the owner, highlight and click on Unit Account. Click on insert button Under Group Name, select or type in the Group Owners Payment and then the amount you with to pay them. Remove the tick “Is charge payable to Manager”. Type the owner’s name into the Creditor Name field. A message will appear, simply click OK.

If you are issuing a cheque, enter the cheque number but if the funds are to be transferred, then type in 999999 into the cheque area.

This will show as a debit on the owner’s statement, which in turn reduces the amount the owner will be paid out at the End of the Month.

Please submit a support request via our Service Desk if you continue experiencing difficulties.


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