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7 Things To Look For In Your PMS Provider

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 09/08/2018
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A property manager’s job can be stressful, right? And there are never enough hours in the day to look after your guests and keep all that dreaded admin work under control. Do you get enough support from your current PMS provider (property management software)? And what should you be looking for when you are choosing who to work with?

At HiRUM Software Solutions we go out of our way to ensure that our clients are given as much assistance as possible to make their business run smoothly. We understand how busy you are, and how important it is to be able to get out from under the burden of administration and have time to work on your business, rather than in it.


Does your PMS provider do any of this?

  1. Provide second to none telephone and email support, so that when a problem does arise, you can find out how to fix it asap
  2. Provide you with an extensive eLearning centre, which is available online 24/7, and saves you precious time by giving you immediate assistance
  3. Develop and enhance the software on an ongoing basis to ensure that legislative changes are covered and more efficient ways of running your business are continually at your finger tips. A good pms provider will be setting the trends not following them
  4. Provide you with a fully integrated Channel Manager so that you can make the most of all your last minute booking sites to ensure you are maximising your business opportunities
  5. Develop Intuitive Pricing, so that once you set parameters around the rates you want uploaded by your channel manager, you can sit back and relax whilst your availability is monitored and rates adjusted accordingly across all the last minute booking channels, without you having to lift a finger
  6. Offer ongoing training days and industry related seminars free of charge, to ensure that the latest industry information reaches you
  7. Continually update you regarding legislative changes, events, and industry trends via our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus …. You name it, we’re on it. We make sure the information that you need is there for you, when you need it.

If your PMS provider doesn’t do all this, and more, its time you had a look at our property management software and gave us a call on 07 5574 4990.  Go on, take the first step toward an easier life!

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