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Important Announcement: HiRUM Integrates with CartStack!

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 06/06/2018

Introducing yet another revolutionary tool which will help you boost your revenue!

CartStack is a robust revenue recovery system which will recover up to 5 x more online bookings for your property, than any other tool or built in solution available.

First of all, if you’re not sure what we mean by ‘revenue recovery’, let us explain… Every time a potential guest is browsing your property’s website, there comes a point when they decide to book with you or to look elsewhere. CartStack’s revolutionary technology intelligently entices the guest to stay on your site if they begin to show signs of leaving. Even more impressively, it can auto-generate an email to guests who left your site without booking or who got distracted half-way through the booking process to entice them back. This technology has great opportunity to vastly increase your property’s direct bookings.

HiRUM is thrilled to announce our partnership and integration with CartStack.

Our development team has built a seamless connection for you and your property, and getting started couldn’t be easier.

Simply email us at sales@hirum.com.au and let us know you’d like to connect. There’ll be a few simple steps we’ll get you to complete from within your HiSITE account, and then the CartStack team will automatically be notified to check your connection. Once their technicians give the greenlight, your property’s website will be set to capture more direct bookings than ever before!

To sweeten the deal, your first 30-days using CartStack are completely FREE!

At the end of this time, you can review your booking data & decide whether you wish to continue using the paid version or would prefer to opt-out (you have no obligation either way). CartStack knows how powerful their tool is, and for this reason they even offer a $1,000 guarantee. That is, if you don’t recover at least $1,000 in what would have been lost revenue within your first 30 days, you can continue using the tool for FREE until you do!

If you’re curious learn more about CartStack and how it will benefit your property, feel free to send any questions through to us at sales@hirum.com.au.


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